About our company

LLC "Spetselevatormelmash" production company, which is one of the leading operators of the innovation of agricultural equipment.

Improvement of agricultural technology and the need for more efficient use of acreage make us to reduce injuring of seeds. The whole problem lies in the fact that today’s cars are destroying the integrity of seeds, respectively, 65-75% of no seed germination is explained of their injury. Most of agronomists understand this problem, but their interests do not overlap with those of engineers who create such machines for seed treatment, the main purpose of which is not to introduce technology for the preservation of grain, but rather try to create a machines that will be tougher, faster and more expensive. But most exspensive are seed, which with the help of using these machines are damaged and broken seeds in a field not germinate! Weak, injured seeds even if they germinate in the field and do not fall out during the growing season, the lagging in development, will give low yields. Careful analysis shows that under the current harvest and post-harvest processing technology of grain sown about 80% of injured seeds that strongly reflected in productivity, as the difference with the harvest of whole seeds in tens of percent.

So the main aim of the company is the introduction and use of sparing technologies for processing and preservation of different crops on the way to combine drills. Our calculations show that the current ratio of 20% of whole seeds - 80% of injury can be reversed, as much as 80% - 20% - injured. There are no prototypes in the world of these equipment, which created by Associate Professor, PhD Leonid Fadeev .